The Chiniwalas family association with the glass and aluminum industry can be traced back to1978. Where the Chiniwalas founders worked as glass and aluminium installers for homes and low rise buildings leading to the formation of Chiniwalas Pvt. Ltd in the 1992. 35 years later – Chiniwalas has been associated with the most prestigious building in the India. The completion of MFAR Green Heart Phase 4 in Bangalore and World trade Centre in Pune are a fitting testament to the growth of our business. From ground level to high rise buildings, our work encompasses everything in between. India is transforming itself into a futuristic, world-class trade and IT nucleus and Chiniwalas is growing along with the development of the India and in turn we have formed a very unique and efficient team to handle any challenges of the this industry. We are proud to say that Chiniwalas has been instrumental in building especially the city of Pune in India . The iconic BUSINESS BAY inYerwadaand our company showpiece: EON SEZ PARK opened in an exciting period of new opportunities across India. We sincerely thank our Partners and Clients, who with their vision for innovation and highest quality requirements have helped Chiniwalas to provide some of the most advanced products inIndia today. We look forward to continuing to help shape India and the cities beyond. We are motivated and excited to see thru the challenges of the future.